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La Verdegué

The predecessor to Central Machete in Guayama (operating between 1903-1968) was Hacienda Verdaguer, started around 1800 by Felix Massó Soler and his wife Obdulia Verdaguer. In the book titled Sugar, Slavery, and Freedom in 19th Century Puerto Rico (2005), historian Luis Figueroa writes of an incident of violence between slaves engaging in illicit gambling that may […]

Central Fortuna (Ponce, operated 1877-1914)

According to Jaime Montilla: Hacienda Fortuna already operated by 1834 when it was owned by Manuel Antonio del Toro (1776-1836) and Esteban Domenech who also owner the nearby Hacienda Unión.  By 1841 it was owned by Domenech & Guilbee, a partnership formed by Esteban Domenech and Jaime Guilbee Fenerign, a British Immigrant who came to Puerto Rico in 1821 and established […]

Central Reparada (Ponce, operated 1883-1900)

According to Jaime Montilla: This sugar mill was located in the general area where the Pontificia Universidad Catolica is today.  At one time there was a “Barrio” in Ponce called Reparada which more or less comprised the area south of the railroad tracks (today Calle Ferrocarril), west of the Rio Portugués old course, north of […]