Welcome to the Bomba Wiki Songbook

This page contains a comprehensive archive of bomba songs, their choruses, and other information relevant to each entry. Help us expand this repository of musical bomba knowledge by adding whatever songs you know that are not listed, or by correcting (editing) whatever you see here. Each entry should contain as much relevant information about each song as is known, including: song title (that is recognizable to others), type of rhythm (seises), subtype of rhythm if pertinent (e.g., gracimá, cunyá, leró del sur, etc.), author (if known), region(s) associated with the song, if known (e.g., Mayagüez, Bomba del Sur), link(s) to videos of people singing each song, if available, possible explanations for each song or just general notes about it, if known.

To add a song, follow these instructions: 1) log on with your username to give you access to adding and editing content (registering is free and easy), 2) click on the “New song” link below, 3) enter song title (again, that is recognizable to others), 4) enter known choruses first, but also commonly sung verses, if known, in the box titled “lyrics,” 5) on the right side, select the appropriate rhythm category (remember that you can further elaborate on the rhythm category in the box that says “specific rhythm.” Rhythms such as hoyo mula, alimá, and cunyá del sur should go under the “Seises Misceláneos” category, 6) enter other relevant information in the boxes below (scroll down).