Welcome to the Bomba Wiki Video Archive

The videos below are publicly through other video hosting websites. They are linked to this site as a way of gathering them into a more centralized and organized web archive. The benefit of using this system is that it allows us to add browsable tags for each entry. Underneath each video box, after the # sign, you will see tags corresponding to details such as: song title (that is recognizable to others), rhythm (type of seis), name of group (if known), type of event (e.g., stage performance, bombazo, batey, belén), type of video recording (e.g., event, documentary, historical footage), location of event (if known), gender of dancer (if relevant to the dance style), name(s) of dancer(s), or singer, or drummer(s), if known, elements of each performance that stand out (e.g., footwoork, skirtwork, etc.).

If you click on each tag, the page will show you videos marked under it. Please help us keep this section organized by making sure that you tag all relevant information when adding your favorite bomba videos.

To add a video, you must login and follow these instructions: 1) click on the “new post” link above (next to the bomba wiki logo in red), 2) add a title to the video, preferably the title it already has if it is in an online site such as Youtube, 3) copy the URL (web link) of the video onto the text box and it should automatically convert it into a video box with a “play” button at the center, 4) scroll down and in the bottom right, you will see a box labelled “tags.” Look at the tag suggestions above and add all tag information relevant to your video entry [Note: before adding a tag, always click on “choose from the most used tags” to see if there are any tags there that seem relevant to you], and 5) scroll up and in the right hand side, click the blue “publish” submit button. That’s it! Thank you for helping us build this site.