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About this Wiki

The Bomba Wiki Project began in 2017. It was created to provide a “wiki-type” knowledge and media repository that is bilingual and fully editable. It has also been designed to mirror the non-linear, protean, “call and response” form of how bomba knowledge has been exchanged throughout its long evolution. Its intention is to document and archive ideas about bomba, facts, and expressions while providing users with the ability to index and search this dynamic content. This wiki is intended for Puerto Rican and non-Puerto Rican bomba practitioners and/or aficionados in the island, in the US mainland, and around the world. It gives visitors a window into the various ways in which bomba is practiced across far-flung communities. It permits us to see how these respond to unique local circumstances. It seeks to create a space that both centers the voices and perspectives of non-academic knowledge-bearers while giving these subjects the agency to define the scope of what is publicly shared. The intention with this wiki is to also create a model for people interested in using digital technologies for documenting and archiving other similar music and dance traditions (e.g. Mexican Son Jarocho, Cuban Rumba, etc.)

Lastly, this site was created with funding generously provided by Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities. The templates for this wiki was designed, coded and tested by Guillermo Roldós and Diego Sabaris in the summer of 2017. It was uploaded to its original URL in December of 2017, and in 2021, it was transferred to the University of California San Diego’s server, where it is currently hosted.

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