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Writing, Linking, Editing Guidelines

If you have questions, if you need help or if you just want to send us (volunteer administrators) content that we can post directly to the wiki on your behalf, don’t hesitate to email the provisional administrators of this site at:


The Bomba Wiki encourages visitors to this site to make an edit whenever they see an article that needs improving. Whether it be something as minor as a spelling mistake, or something larger like gaps in the facts provided, don’t be afraid to jump in and improve the site. However, the wiki expects editors to be more circumspect when it comes to editing templates. The design and layout of the wiki’s templates have been carefully considered; as such please consult an admin if you wish to propose a major change. Again, contact us at:


While the wiki does not expect editors to use an academic tone, there is still an expectation that articles maintain some level of formality. This means that while contractions such as “it’s” are acceptable, informal language such as “ur” in place of “your” is not. Further to this, please avoid writing in first person (meaning, using “I” as in “I believe” or “I have found that…”).


Per normal wiki conventions, we ask that you do not sign your contributions to this site with your name. If you are logged in, they will be reflected in the “revision history” section that will be visible at the bottom of the page whenever you click on the “edit” button in any section,


We ask that you register and log in whenever you edit the site so that we can keep track not only of the authors of changes but also so that we can have a proper “edit history” of this wiki’s evolution.

What pages should not include


Please avoid speculating without basis. The point of this wiki is to establish a forum of shared knowledge (i.e., exchanged between people and not just conjectured or invented by an individual). Please respect the foundational purpose of this site by making sure that whatever content you generate is verified by having at least two reliable sources. These could be conversations with reliable persons, textual sources, recordings, etc. that attest to that knowledge.

PERSONAL COMMENTS WITHIN ARTICLES (As opposed to in the “comments” section below)

If you have a question about a page, or comment about a particular edit, do not write it in the article. Instead use the forums, or the relevant talk page.


This is not the place for personal attacks however strong the disagreements may be. The point here is to present (in as neutral a way as possible) the many perspectives that exist, even though we all understand that the stakes are always high when it involves deeply personal narratives as is the case with bomba history and practice. Let’s keep this wiki as civil as possible. Bomba practice has always been more about community making and love than strife, but inevitably, there is always a steady dose of chisme and competing agendas that emanates from this. Let’s do our best to keep that chisme out of this site. Don’t refrain from sharing truths, but please be respectful to others in the way you add or edit content. Any personal attacks against individuals or groups will be edited or removed by the regular editors of this wiki.


Whether it is an online or published source do not directly copy another author’s words without citing it. Instead, for the sake of maintaining the kind of brevity that a wiki ought to have, we suggest you paraphrase the part that you wish to reference and then add a footnote properly citing its author and how to access the original source.

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